Invesco wanted a redesign of all their websites to go with their new brand identity. They also wanted a way to make their website more user-friendly and responsive. This will be the first time their website will be accessible through mobile devices. Lastly, they wanted their staff to be trained to know how to code and develop using the best web standards practice.


Provide tools, training, and workflows to their current design and development teams so that they can work more efficiently. Tools like Twitter Bootstrap and Github allow teams to work collaboratively and provide faster turnaround on code. Next, help them hire new staff to fill in certain skill gaps that their team needs. Lastly, build a style guide so that their marketing and design team adheres to the branding guidelines when designing and pushing new material.


Help their team to learn, code, and incorporate new tools like Twitter Bootstrap and Github. Help with staff augmentation. Trained current staff with new tools and workflow, and help with their search for UX Analysts and Web Designers. Design and build their website from the ground up. Then made it responsive and accessible through mobile devices.

Style Guide

Allows designers and developers to standardize a consistent set of design patterns throughout the application.


Design Implementation

Help the designers and developers integrate the design to their website by assembling a list of templates and components to be build.


High-Fidelity Mockups

Apply product branding, grid structure, typography, color scheme, and icons.